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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 概要

8月号:Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Volume 18 Number 8 August 2016


飼い猫のストレス: 行動上の変化と幸福の意義
Stress in owned cats: behavioural changes and welfare implications
Marta Amat, Tomas Camps, and Xavier Manteca


Rebound hyperglycaemia in diabetic cats
Kirsten Roomp and Jacquie Rand
猫の非再生生免疫介在性貧血: 15症例の症状と転帰
Feline non-regenerative immune-mediated anemia: features and outcome in 15 cases
Victoria Black, Sophie Adamantos, Dominic Barfield, and Severine Tasker
Evaluation of intranasal vaccine administration and high-dose interferon α2b therapy for treatment of chronic upper respiratory tract infections in shelter cats
Audra Fenimore, Kasey Carter, Jeffrey Fankhauser, Jennifer R Hawley, and Michael R Lappin
漏斗胸: 10頭の仔猫におけるコンピュータ断層撮影と外科手術の中期的な結果に関する前向きコーホート研究
Pectus excavatum: computed tomography and medium-turm surgical outcome in a prospective cohort of 10 kittens
Timothy M Charlesworth, Tobias Schwarz, and Christopher P Sturgess
Validation of the dorsal approach for the blockade of the femoral nerve using ultrasound and nerve electrolocation in cats
Paulina Haro, Francisco Laredo, Francisco Gil, Eliseo Belda, Maria D Ayala, Marta Soler, and Amalia Agut
猫の金属関連性外傷: 65症例のレビュー (2012-2014)
Metal projectile injuries in cats: review of 65 cases (2012-2014)
Drazen Vnuk, Hrvoje Capak, Valentina Gusak, Drazen Maticic, Maja Popovic, and Nika Brkljaca Bottegaro
猫の骨関節症に対するロベナコキシブの臨床上の安全性: 無作為、盲検的、プラセボ対象臨床試験の結果
Clinical safety of robenacoxib in feline osteoarthritis: results of a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Jonathan N King, Stephen King, Steven C Budsberg, B Duncan X Lascelles, Stephen E Bienhoff, Linda M Roycroft, and Elizabeth S Roberts
Effects of ketamine and alfaxalone on application of a feline pain assessment scale
Mandy Buisman, Marika C Wagner, Michelle MM Hasiuk, Melanie Prebble, Laura Law, and Daniel SJ Pang
個人飼育の猫における異食と咀嚼行動の特徴: 症例対照研究
Characterization of pica and chewing behavior in privately owned cats: a case-controlled study
Isabelle Demontigny-Bedard, Guy Beauchamp, Marie-Claude Belanger, and Diane Frank
Serum and urinary cystatin C in cats with feline immunodeficiency virus infection and cats with hyperthyroidism
Liesbeth FE Ghys, Dominique Paepe, Elien RL Taffin, Eva Vandermeulen, Luc Duchateau, Pascale MY Smets, Joris Delanghe, and Sylvie Daminet
Diagnostic value of Light’s criteria and albumin gradient in classifying the pathophysiology of pleural effusion formation in cats
Andrea Zoia and Michele Drigo


A pilot study exploring the effects of musical genres on the depth of general anesthesia assessed by haemodynamic responses
Filipa Mira, Alexandra Costa, Eva Mendes, Pedro Azevedo, and L Miguel Carreira
下痢流行中のキャッテリーにおける猫ジアルジア症の治療: 糞便中の抗菌剤抵抗性Escherichia coliの潜在的影響
Treatment of feline giardiasis during an outbreak of diarrhea in cattery: potential effects on faecal Escherichia coli resistance patterns
Kristoffer Relling Tysnes, Katrien Luyckx, Leon Cantas, and Lucy J Robertson


副腎摘出術: 術後の生存性データ
Adrenalectomy: postoperative survival data
William Ray Folger, Orla Mahony, and Bruce A Barton